Thursday, June 15, 2017


Sb192 for license increase has been tabled
4 hunting related accidents in southwest regional division  
300lb black bear trapped by Yeck in industry relocated to summerset
Officer Yeck and Kramer tranquilized and tazed a bear in Rochester and ran it off
Executive Director of the  PA Game Commission Brian Burnhands
Tom Fazy Hunters ed coordinator
Working to Restoring bob white quale in PA
West nile virus blamed for 25% decrease in Ruffed Growls flock
1 of only 3 states to harvest over 300,000
43% of PGC budget goes to land management
16 vacant districts with 127 WCOs expected 30% drown in workforce
Estimated 170,000 pheasants to be stocked
$5 fee for the digest when you buy your license or you can get it for free online. Hunters ed classes will get them free. Costs 250,000 per year to run the digest program. You will get a handout with basic info free.
PFSC John Kline Lobbiest
220 state wide clubs
Works with game and fish committees in the state house and senate
575 trout stocked, 149 kids, 81 prizes given out
Grand prize drawing winner won a Charter for 4 on Erie for steelhead, walleye, or perch
Deadline may 21st.
Canceled 1 bus now sending 3

Youth field day
Work on consolidating a couple stations and eliminating a station.

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