Tuesday, May 30, 2017

March Highlights

·         Camera system
    • They dvr died due to a lot of dirt.
    • A New DVR was voted on and bought
·         Wildlife Leadership Academy
    • a motion was made to pay part of the tuition for Hannah Dean, Shenango High School, to go to the Wildlife Leadership Academy: passed
Membership plan
    • New Members: Currently the membership is closed and will have a cap of 400.
    • Sponsors have to be a member for a year before they are able to sponsor anyone to join.
    • A motion was made to accept the membership plan: Passed
    • The full membership plan can be located by contacting the secretary or on our website.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

April Highlights

April Highlights
  • Self-Protection for Woman
    • KBBSA is hosting a self-protection for woman class off of site with ten women.
  • Turkey Shoots
    • Four shoots
    • Gave two money prizes at final shoot $95 and $200.
  • Bulls Eye and Center fire
    • The shoots are doing well.
  • Cell Tower
    • Still no news
  • Indoor range
    • The top of the range will be fixed tomorrow (4/28/17)


Commissioners meeting
Hunting and trapping season approved (see website and digest for allocations)
Doe License allocations, WMU 1A - 52,000, WMU 2A = 50,000, WMU 2B = 60,000
Statewide archery bear season moved to the next-to-the-last week of archery deer season
Eliminated post-Christmas Rough grouse
Semi auto approved for Small game and Fur bearer, (regulations for mag restriction yet)
Air rifle approved for small game .22 cal  (no FPS restrictions yet)
$25 Pheasant permit Jr. hunters will not be effected by the permit (ear marked for pheasant program)
Reminder - November 1 through April 30 boaters on any canoe or kayak or boats less than 16 feet in length are required to wear a life jacket. This applies while the boat is underway or at anchor.
A kayak capsized in Crawford County and the boater, who wasn’t wearing a life jacket, died.
Fishing derby
April 29th 6:30 registration. Stocking the 27th at noon.
18-24th camp
May 21st 7pm parents meeting at bucktails.
Youth Foundation
We now have  Facebook page
July 15th youth field day
Approved $655 for as new projector and screens.
Motion was made for the league to buy that hats for the Rally
Herford Manor lake
We got the contract to put a sign on the Dam (signs by Sam is doing it)
Aaron met with Hereford manor lake conservancy
Petition still out
Dick Bayer - If Pennsylvania changes to the NICS (National Instant Check System) for purchasing firearms, we won’t be able to use our PA drivers license for identification since it won’t comply with “The Real ID Act of 2005