Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Turkey Shoots

Turkey shoots start September 16 at 7pm! Remember once the first 5 rounds are full we will start shooting! Hope to see you there! 

August Meeting Highlights

Following the pledge to the flag the meeting was called to order by Jerry Tillia at 7:05PM, total in attendance was 36 including 8 officers.

A motion was made by Linda Watcher and seconded by Shawn Cox to accept the reading of July’s minutes. Passed

Officers Report:
Ed Mangerie: Camp Perry, Rene Baldwin won two metals and Isaac Deangelis won one metal

County League:
  • Youth foundation is hosting its first annual 100 target sporting clay event at Rochester Club 9/12/2015
  • Youth pheasant hunt will be at Raccoon State Park on October 10, 2015
  •          If you would like to see the minutes please contact Shawn Cox or go to the County League’s website (

Old business:
  • Game Dinner
    • October 2, 2015 at 6:00pm
    • A post card will be sent out within the next few weeks.
    • As a member you can bring yourself and two guests however, it is first come first serve. There is a limit of 100 people.
    • A fundraiser will be held during the dinner in which the money will be taken to send one teen to the Penn State Conservation Leadership Camp.
  • Scholarship Award
    • There will be two given out this year.
    • A letter will be sent out to the winners.
  • Woman’s Self Defense
    • There are five signed up
    • August 28, 2015
  • Cameras
    • The cameras are working well
  • Outdoor Show
    • It is reminded that if you are interested in going please let us know.

New Business:

  • Woman’s Self Defense Class
    • Another class is scheduled for September 25 2015 at 6:45pm
  • Turkey Shoots
    • Linda Watcher made a motion to have the turkey shoots on Wednesday’s at 7:00pm Starting on September 16th until the week before Thanksgiving seconded by Alex Hoyle: Passed
    • September 10th we will be rebuilding the targets for the turkey shoot. If you would like to help please come! If you have an electric drills please bring it.

New Members:

Brian Hatton
David Clark
Mark Hoyle
Michal Navoliu
James Quinn
David Meteney

Ev Gower made a motion to accept the six new members and Linda Watcher
seconded it: Passed.

50/50 won by Jack Libert for $33


Motion made by Bud Sheeler and seconded by Alex Hoyle Passed