Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Octobers Meeting Highlights

Date: 10/22/15
County League Report:
o   A guest speaker was preset. Tim Shaeffer part of the fish commission discussed Herford manor and also a fishing licenses increase.
o   Election of officers were held.
o   Stocking Bradys Run and Raccoon Creak with trout.
o   If anyone has any questions please contact Shawn Cox or go to the County Leagues website.

Old business:
  • Rifle Team
    • First match was last Tuesday
    • KBBSA Team won
    • Their schedule is posted on the bulletin board
  • Self Defense for woman
    • One person came for last month.
    • Next class will be October 23 at 6:45pm
  • Out Door Show
    • Only 11 people have shown interested.
  • Game Dinner
    • Held October 2, 2015
    • The dinner went really well
    • 60 people present; 50 no shows
  • NRA
    • Dues are paid and our new certificate is here
  • Turkey Shoots
    • They are going very well
    • It is reminded that shoots start at 7:00pm however once the first five rounds are filled the shoot will start.
    • The last night there will be three different money shoots. The first two money shoots any one can shoot however the third money shoot, which will be the biggest money shoot, you must have participated in 8 money shoots.
  • Furnace
    • It is purposed that duct work would be redone, a few cold air returns put in and a new furnace will be put in place for $4217.00
    • Jimmy Skoczylas made a motion to have this work done and seconded by Wayne Hoschar: Passed
  • Cell Tower
    • Verizon asked to view our property to see if it would be compatible for a cell tower.
    • We have to let Verizon know if we are interested in being a site for a cell tower. If we are interested they will turn it into the selection committee along with a few other properties.
    • After a show of hands of agreeing that Verizon can look at our property an email will be sent out tomorrow to let them know that they can proceed in looking to see if we can be an appropriate site.

New Business:

  • Bud Sheeler made a motion to purchase 1,000 practice targets for approximately $100 for our rifle team seconded by Ev Grower: Passed
  • Self Protection for Women
    • Next classes
    • November 22 at 2:00pm
    • December 20 at 2:00pm
  • Computers
    • A motion was made by Ev Gower to buy new computers with the officers approval seconded by Linda Watcher.
  • Christmas Party
    • Bud Sheeler made a motion to have the Christmas party on December 13 seconded by Shawn Cox: Passed

 Reminder Next Club meeting will be held on Thursday November 19 at 7pm