Monday, February 25, 2013

February's Meeting

Just a Reminder February's meeting will be held on February 28 at 7pm

Monday, February 4, 2013

January's Meeting Highlights

  • Practical Shooting for Women and the men and Women Pistol Practice (Ev Gower)
    • Held on January 19 on the indoor range.
    • Practical Shooting for Women had 14 participants and the
    • Men and Women practice had 5. 
    • Several were newcomers. Practice went well and many of the newcomers said they will be back.
    • A few of the participants had trouble finding lead ammo, but luckily some of the other participants had extra ammo to sell.  For this reason and because it got a little smoky with 7 shooters on the line (even with the fans on) we would like to shoot outside starting next month if the temperature is 32 or above.
    • Our next practice is scheduled for Feb. 16.  Ladies starting at noon. Guys & Gals at 2pm.
    • Thanks, as always, to the club for hosting these practices that are open to anyone in the community.


  • Poker Shoot (Rene Baldwin)
    • 22 Shooters
    • Winners took home $23.00
    • There was a profit of $141
    • Thanks for all of you who helped
    • Next Shoot February 10
  • Ham Shoot (Rene Baldwin)
    • There will be a Ham Shoot on March 23 at 2pm
    • $10.00 entry fee

Decembers Meeting Highlights


  • Poker Shoot
    • Went really well
    • There was 19 shooters
    • January 13 is the next poker shoot at 2:00pm
    • Held indoors
  • Christmas Party
    • 72 people including 32 kids
    • A picture of all children was taken with Santa. Pictures are on Facebook be sure to look
    • The total cost for the Christmas party $1046.98  
  • Practical shooting for woman and men
    • Jan. 19, Feb. 16, Mar. 16
    •  Practical Shooting for Women 12 - 2 pm
    • Guys and Gals Pistol Practice 2 - 4 pm

  • Insurance
    • Is due $467.58
    • A motion was made by Don Sapp and seconded by Richard Strealy: Passed

  • Dinner
    • Renee Baldwin votes to have the dinner on March 2 2013 second by Larry Tooch: Passed

November Meeting Highlights

  • The ditch for the electric was put in, thank you to those who helped.

  • There are two polls donated to our club for the trap range. If anyone has any ideas on how to hall these lease let us know.

  • The club is also in need of I beams for the outdoor rang to continue our wall.
  • Turkey Shoots
    • The turkey shoots are done for the year.
    • Thank you to those who helped make this possible.

  • Poker Shoots
    • We are looking into doing four poker shoots on the second Sundays for the months of January to March(2pm)
    • December’s poker shoot will be Dec 2 at 2:00pm
    • The poker shoot will be held inside
    • Ev Gower made a motion to hold the poker shoots second by Wayne Hoshar to have four poker shoots: Passed 
  • Practical for shooting women/ Practical shooting for men and women
    • Nine women participated in the practical shooting for women
    • while three people participated in the practical shooting for men and women

  • Christmas party
    • December 9 between 2pm-4pm
    • Please let us know if you have a child 12 years or younger for a prize!
    • Members please feel free to bring a sweet treat for the party.
    • We would love to barrow Christmas decorations for the party also! 
    • Officers are recommending that we spend between $15-$20 per child.
    • Jimmy Skoczylas made a motion to have the Christmas party and all the required items seconded by Bill Bacic. Passed

  • If you would like a set of bylaws please contact Jessica Tressler

October meeting Highlights

Date: 10/25/12

  • Practical shooting for women
    • Six participants
    • Please see attached sheet for more information
    • The next practice will be November 10 at the indoor rang

  • There will be a practical pistol practice for both men and women after the practical shooting for women

  • Turkey shoot
    • A steady eight rounds each week
    • We have two more shoots
  • Bud Sheeler made a motion to buy a gun work gun ticket gun seconded by Ed Bennethem: Passed
    • Travis Jeffries will be looking for prices and guns (Please see him if you have suggestions)
·         Poker shoot
o   Rene Baldwin will be working on ideas for a poker shoot.