Thursday, February 23, 2017

Obedience Classes
for your sub-compact or compact

We will cover home and range safety rules,
types of pistols, type of sights
training the mind, sight picture, grip and
the promotion of basic shooting skill at 7yd.s

Classes will be conducted under the NRA
range rules of organized pistol shooting at
the KBBSA indoor Range.

The classes will be on the first and third
Thursday of each month starting
on Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Attend as many classes
that you feel you need to train your pistol.

For more information please call
Dewey at 724-758-5102

*You will need (lead bullet) ammo, eye protection,
ear protection and a hat.
There will be a small fee for class materials

Located at
Koppel Big Beaver Sportsmen's Assoc.
665 Norwood Drive
Koppel, Pa 16136

Friday, February 17, 2017

January 2017 Meeting Highlights

Date: 1.26.17
  • Additional cameras ordered and target backstops ordered.
  •  Pop Machine needed a new dollar changer, the changer is in.
  • Survey
    • The front is done the back property is not. Will be done soon.
  • We would like to change all the lights to LED lights and add a few lights.
  •  Anthony Belczyk made a motion to have the dinner on March 11 seconded by Linda Watcher.

Beaver County Sportsmen's Conservation League Report for January

Beaver County Sportsmen's Conservation League Report for January

Green valley Joined the league 

Game Game lands 173 stocked pheasants (2 hatcheries closed) South west game farm not yet effected)
170,000 pheasants released this year down from over 200,000 (proposed pheasant hunting permit $20)
Eagle Cam in York county is active (Privately funded) 3 eagle’s nests in Beaver county are active
Public hearings just finished for in site for semi auto hunting regulations

Fish Pittsburgh boat show 13,14,15 basic boating course will be held
Tristate outdoor expo Jan. 27,28,29th at the David L Lawrence convention center
Fish and boat commission recommends min 4” of ice
April 8th mentored youth trout fishing
First day of trout April 15th
March 1st Crappie regulations go into effect on Pymingtuning

Fishing Derby April 29th League upped the stocking to $750 (stocking 27th)

Archery Tuesday 6:30 Beaver valley archer’s indoor shoots $7
Archery in the school’s program jan 14th

Legislative Push for nationwide Reciprocity

Hunters Ed. Classes are signing up for 2017 now 605 signed up this year 73 took cable restraints

Anyone with extra meat Pastor Bob Concord church Feb 3rd and 4th

Conservation District Pipeline is going through the property budget down 12%

Banquet March 4th, help pay for second amendment rally.

Herford Manor
Aaron Burnstine is writing a letter to release the money from escrow from the procreations committee to do a cost study and feasibility study on the lake.
On the boater registration where it asks how many gallons of gas do you use be honest. That money goes from a Marine tax this does not cost the owner anything but it allows the money to be moved from the gas tax to go to the Fish Commission for High Hazard dams.