Thursday, August 20, 2015

Self Defense for Women class

KBBSA will be holding a Self Defense for Women class Ages 14 and up. Class size limited to 15. The class will be held on Friday August 28, 2015 at 6:45 - 9:00 pm. This class uses discussion, videos and hands-on exercises to teach awareness, how to use pepper spray (adults) or a high power flashlight (anyone), plus simple, unarmed fighting techniques. It is free to attend.  Registration is required.  To register please call: 724-494-6533.

July's Minutes

July's minutes
Officers Report:
·         Walt Kazenski: six of the eight cameras are up and running. Currently the camera project is done until future need of cameras.
·         Bud Hacket: found the information out about the Cleveland Outdoor show, this information will be placed in with the renewal letter to find the interest from the club members.
County League:
·         Ohio River Trail is purposed to come into the area.
·         Conservation camp: there were 32 campers and 16 counselors everything went well.
·         Hunters education: there are five classes scheduled currently
·         Youth Field day: will be held 7/18/15
·         August there will be an online site to take donations for the Hereford Manor Lake renovation. The site will be given at the next county league meeting.
·         If you would like to see the minutes please contact Shawn Cox or go to the County League’s website (

Old business:
  • Walt Kazenski was reimbursed for the camera’s: $974.87
  • Shawn Cox was reimbursed for the youth field day door prizes: $69.90
  • Jessica Tressler was reimbursed for the key’s and offices supplies:$256.87
  • Audit
    • It is believed that we have a Geneva Accounting Student to do our audit everything will be moving forward in the current future.
  • ·         Pipe line
o   The pipe line has currently changed their route. If anything changes it will be relayed to the membership.

New Business:

·         Game Dinner for the county League:
o   The club will have to provide the condiments, dinnerware, and drinks.
o   October 2 is the purposed date.
o   All the details will be ironed out.
o   Ev Gower made a motion to have the dinner on October 2 and the club will provide the condiments, dinnerware, and drinks Dick Logan seconded: Passed
·         Woman self defense class
o   August 28
o   Starts at 6:45
o   Free
o   Ages 14 and up
o   Contact Ev Gower
o   Shawn Cox made a motion seconded by Linda Watcher: Passed.
·         NRA Dues are Due
o   Bud Sheeler made a motion to join the NRA for Five years at the cost of $150 Alex Hoyle second: Passed.

Next meeting will be held on Aug 27 at 7pm
Reminder Dues are due by September 30