Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December 2015 Highlights

December 2015 
Building Committee Report:
        The gate is still having glitches. We are working on it.

County League:  
  • Bear season was a record high this year
  • Camp there is a proposed tuition hike.
  • Herford Manor, all the money is put into an escrow account and if the project falls threw the money will be given back.
  • Supporting our troops with Books: please donate books for our troops. You can bring them to the club and place them in the entrance way.

Old business:
  • Herford Manor
    • Anthony Bekzyk made a motion to donate $500 to the Wildlife for Everyone Endowment Foundation for Herford Manor, Seconded by Ev Gower: Passed
    • It is being clarified that we are rejoining the County League for the $250 tier.
  • Internet
    • A monthly fee of $55 and an installation fee of $79.00
    • We would use this for our key system, our cameras and educational use.
    • Ed Bennethum made a motion to go with Armstrong Internet for Administration and educational use ONLY: Seconded by Anthony Bekzyk: Passed, One opposed
  • Christmas Party
    • 110 people including 45 kids
    • A picture of all children was taken with Santa. Pictures are on Facebook be sure to look
    • The total cost for the Christmas party was $1314.96
  • Pop Machine
    • $3,794.95 for a new smaller pop machine.
    • Ev Gower made a motion to purchase the pop machine and seconded by Alex Hoyle.: Passed
  • Shirts and Hats
    • Estimates are, Hats are $12.00, Shirts are $8.00
    • It is being discussed to get 60 hats and 60 shirts
    • This topic is being tabled until next meeting
  • Self-protection for Women
    • October we had two women
    • November we had three women
    • Next class is December 20 at 2:00pm
    • January’s class will be held the 31 at 2:00pm

New Business:

  • Donations:
o   It is being recommended that we donate to the Koppel Fire Department, Big Beaver Fire Department, Clinton Church for the holiday dinners and the Woman’s society of the Koppel Methodist Church
o   It is also being suggested to donate $750 for each place
o   Anthony Bekzyk made a motion to donate $750 to all four organizations seconded by Wayne Hoschar: Passed

New Members:
Brian Brown
Arion Christy
Francis Tress
Taitem Kretz

Next meeting is January 28 at 7pm