Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pig's 2 Peaches

A member of the club has opened a restaurant and I took it upon myself to share the restaurants information!

Below you will find the front of their menu, along with telephone numbers and address!

Make sure to check them out on facebook too!

If you are by there make sure to stop in!

May's Minutes

New Business:

·         Big Knob Grange Fair

o   It will cost $220 for the spot we had last year:

o   Jimmy Skocylas made a motion to spend approximately $700-$750 to attend the fair. Seconded Wayne Hoschar: Passed

o   Rex Walters will be in charge for setting up the Fair

  • CMP:
    •  A motion was made by Rex Walters to buy T-shirts for the CMP participants, to wear at their competition. Seconded it by Larry Tooch: Passed
  • Fundraiser meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of the month around 6:15
  • On Saturday June 16 from 11am-3pm there will be a woman’s basic pistol class at the picnic pavilion
  • Koppel’s centennial
    • Larry Tooch made a motion congratulating Koppel on their 100th anniversary seconded Don Sapp: Passed

New Members:
Donald Murray
David Wateska
Jonathan Sokol
Brad Hall

Thursday, June 28, 2012


An early reminder. Club Dues will be due by the end of September. I will be sending out information by the middle of July. Please remeber to send in your papers with completed name and addresses on them! Also, I will be posting a form on our website!

Have a great day!

April 2012 Minutes

Here is an update of April 2012 Minutes

Building Committee Report
Jim Tillia bought two doors, two closers and stain for the doors for $ 157.53
Walt Kazenski bought conduit and electrical wire to run the electric from club house to trap house. ($2800)

Old business:
  • Key System for Trap House
    • Officers are still discussing
  • LLC
    • All papers are filed

New Members:
Woody Hazen made a motion to accept the ten new members and Don Sapp
 seconded it: Passed.

Mike Dadejko
Scott Court
Jared Duncan
Jacob D’Amico
Tom Watson

Richard Bistyga
Dean Gallaughen
Bernard Mason II
Robert Blumling
Scott Henderson

March 2012 Minutes

Here is an update of March's Minutes

Old business:

  • NRA Pistol is filled
    • Six people are on the waiting list
  • Officers will set up the trap’s lock and key system.
  • Dinner
    • $696.87 Expenses
    • $795 Income
    • $98.13 Profit
    • 98 people present

New Business:

  • Application for EIN
  • KBBSA Land management LLC
  • Operating Agreement for KBBSA Land Management LLC
  • Certificate of Organization LLC
  • Mr. Diekson (NRA) spoke on having a pistol class. The officers will review.
  • Kelly Newman made a motion to file for the LLC Wayne Hoschar seconded: Passed

Feb 2012 Minutes

Here is an update of February Minutes

Officers Report:
Kelly  -- Practical shooting for women went well.  The gun for the annual drawing is beautiful – will get pictures for Facebook
Ed – discussed incident with indoor range panels shot.  Officers met with individuals and club was reimbursed.  Question rose about further incidents and Ed responded they would be banned from club.   Ed also relayed details about a group parked by the gate using the range – non members.  Ed asked them to leave

Old Business
Rene – Rimfire ham shoot for March 31st is a go.  The time is 1:00.  She provided flyer for publication. – will need some folks to run targets.  Food will be sloppy joes or something similar.

Kelly Newman – planning needed for dinner – proposed meeting for 6:30 Monday the 27th to discuss since Tillia’s are instrumental.   Also announced work party for Friday night, March 2nd for clean up and set up for dinner.

Kelly Newman – proposed clean up date of March 10 to deep clean the floor before it gets out of hand – have prices on floor scrubber - -will follow up with Sean for better deal.

New Business:

None discussed during meeting – after meeting discussed March 24th as date for practical shooting for women. 

Jan 2012 Minutes

Here is a few updates from the January Minutes

  • Dinner

o   Renee Baldwin made a motion to have a club dinner on March 3 seconded by Don Sapp: Passed
  • Reminder
    • February 18th 11-3 there will be the Practical Shoot in the indoor range.
  • Richard Strealy made a motion to buy a Ford 1720 tractor from Jerry Tillia for $5,000.00 seconded by Don Sapp: Passed
  • Walt Kazenski made a motion to have an Easter shoot seconded by Dean Schuller: Passed


Club meeting June 28 at 7pm! Hope to see you there.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Club Rented

The club picnic pavilian will be rente out this Saterday June 16, for the Practical Shooting for Women from 11am - 3pm.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hey Everyone,
just a fast reminder......
Fundraiser meeting on Thursday June 14