Sunday, April 28, 2013

April's Meeting Highlights

  • Construction is still being conducted on the entrance way 

  • We will be beginning the ditch for the trap house key fob soon, we want to remind everyone if you would like access to the trap house you must go through a safety course, Please contact an officer.
  • Due to the construction being done inside the club house the indoor range is known open, please use extreme caution when using the indoor range, work is still being done in the entrance way and kitchen.
  • Reminder: There is no target shooting on the CMP range (Lower range by gate).

  • Reminder club is rented May 11th
  • Practical Shooting:
    • The next practice will be held on April 27
    • May’s practice will be held on the 25. Ladies practice starting at noon until 2pm and Guys & Girls practice from 2 - 4pm. 
  • Koppel Fire Department is looking to participate in a few joint fundraisers. This will be discussed at an officers meeting

New Members:

Cedric Veiock
Dennis Neese
Joshua Kaszer
Jim Klingelhoefer

Monday, April 1, 2013

March Meeting Highlights

Bathroom remodeling is done

Kitchen remodeling is well underway

Table storage in the entrance way is being built

While this construction is being done please remember the indoor range is closed from 8-4

Practical Shooting:
Three people were present while two were new comers
The next practice will be April 27

Reminder: Club house is rented April 6

Trap house:
Reminders before you are allowed to use the trap house you are required to take a safety course on how to use the electric thrower and the trap house.

New Members:

Scott Rice
Waylon Marshall
Larry Pander
Wayne Hall
Mike Henderson Jr.
John Schuster