Thursday, March 2, 2017

BCSCL Highlights

Any Questions please contact Shawn Cox
Game Board commission meeting Monday
Franklin county CWD deer found at deer farm is under quartertone.
Pheasant hen and chick programs are eliminated, will not be raising from eggs now buying week old projected to save 1.5 million
1A 2A 2B same as always, week long turkey season with thanksgiving season
Pulmonary approval for semi-automatic will be officially approved in march small game .22 under, shotguns under 10 gauge, big game No FMJ, air rifle .22 cal Pellet no BB
Proposed $25 pheasant hunting permit.
Also proposed on 1 week dog training provision in game lands to help keep the pheasants in the game lands
Fish Trout stocking schedule FishboatPA app
Crappie restriction approved March 1st in OH and PA 20 per day 9in
Fishing Derby April 29th 8 till noon April 27th stocking at noon
  Camp June 18- 24th at the larger camp up to 65 kids this year
Possibly decreasing travel days, changing to optional parents meeting and changing to a welcome Packet. Still $150 per kid
May 21st application deadline and parents meeting. Please advise by march
Archery NASP shoot went well at New Brighton we were thanked for the help almost 250 students attended.
Website has been updated with 2nd amendment rally information.
Rally Monday may 22nd
March 4th hunters ed. Southside sportsman’s clubs
1st and 2nd syrup fest at Brady’s run
Banquet. March 4 is the League’s fund raising banquet for bus transportation
 $40 dollars per ticket $400 per table 2 guns on the ticket.
Old business
Transcript read from special meeting.
New bylaws Passed
Aliquippa, BVRPC, Five Points, FOAC, Midland = No. Ambridge, BV Archers, Green Valley, Koppel, N. Boroughs, Pine Run, Rochester, Southside = Yes. Beaver Falls, Conway, Pitts Down Riggers, Sewickley = Absent. • 5 No Votes, 8 Yes Votes. The Bylaws changes of February 2, 2017 passed. • (February 13, 2017 addition to minutes) Although after the bylaws vote at the Feb 2, 2017 meeting, it was stated that the vote passed, after further review of the current bylaws, which we were operating under at the time this vote was taken, “.  . proposed bylaw(s) must be approved by 2/3 rd of the delegates present and eligible to vote . .” That 2/3 rd requirement was not met. Therefore, this bylaws change did not pass
New Business
Scout camperie may 13th 14th 15th with do Air rifle, Clays, Air rifles, Archery and Fishing. Scouts are asking to use county league equipment. Estimated 225 kids

Herford manor Lake Petition from Aaron Burnstine.
For money used for the general fund for land study survey. Jarret Gibbons allocated to the lake rebuilding
Reminder to give a accurate estimated fuel used to go to dam restructuring
Wolf added 25.7 million for dam projects
Feb 24th 7pm president meeting
Pittsburgh down riggers is having a public class at there meeting Fed. 28th 7:30 there will be speakers on different types of lines for the great lakes. And a  presentation on lure types and selection for walleye trolling. Meeting held at Coraoplis sportsmans club 106 coke rd. Coraoplis pa.                                    

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Meeting Highlights

February Meeting Highlights

  • Survey: The survey is complete. Laminated copies will be placed in the club; also there will be survey copies available to any club member who wants them. Membership agreed to leaving post and sign options up to the Directors and officers. 
  • Dinner: Friday March 10th 6:00pm clean up, Dinner on March 11
  • Bullseye and Compact practice
      • Bullseye practice is going well. Wednesday’s at 7PM
      • Compact shooting starting on the first and third Thursday of the month at 7pm

  • Turkey Shoots
    • Burt Neff made a motion to have the spring Turkey shoots seconded by Linda Watcher: Passed. Starting on March 15, 7:00, once rounds are full shooting will start.

  • Indoor Range
      • The indoor range is being shot up again, the directors and officers are considering the shutdown of the range.