Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Novembers Minutes

  • The outside gate was temporarily not working. The gate is now working, however if the gate is not working please go to the inside of the gate reader and swipe your card there. 

  • Poker Shoot
    • The poker shoots will be held on the third Sunday of January, February and March at 1:00pm
  • Turkey Shoots
    • The turkey shoots are completed for this year
    • The turkey shoots went really well with approximately 11 rounds every night.
    • It was agreed that this year’s turkey shoot was one of the best so far.
    • Thank you to all who helped and attended.
  • Christmas Party
    • Pictures with Santa
    • Sweet treats
    • Children ages 12 and younger
    • December15 from 2pm-4pm
    • Please remember to RSVP with children’s ages by December 2. (If you as a member are coming without a child you do not need to RSVP)
  • Ham Shoot
    • April 12, 2014 at 1:00pm
    • Shawn Cox made a motion to buy the prizes seconded by Ev Gower: Passed
  • Rifle Team
o   The rifle team banquet went really well
o   Congratulations to Rene Baldwin for wining Top Lady!

  • Options for personal protection
    • Went really well
    • There was 28 participants
    • We would like to hold another class in the spring.

  • Bud Hackett made a motion to donate $2500 to an agreeable charity seconded by Dick Logan :Passed

New Members:

Michael Davis
Christine Chulak

Ev Gower made a motion to accept the two new members and Jimmy Skoczylas
 seconded it: Passed.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You are invited to a Christmas Party!

When:                    December 15, 2013

Where:                 Koppel- Big Beaver
Sportsmens Association Clubhouse

Sponsored By:  The Members of KBBSA

Who's Invited:   All Club Members!  Your Children and grandchildren!  Children can also bring a friend!

We would ask that members donate a sweet holiday treat (cookies etc.) for everyone to enjoy at the party.  Please RSVP by December 2, 2013 at 724-652-9758 or email at We will need the ages of all children 12 and under and if the child is a girl or a boy, for a special holiday present!  

Classifides 11/26/13

S&W model 60, stainless, .357 Mag, 3" w/Active Pro Gear IWB holster   $490
Taurus model 85, .38 Spl, 2", w/Fobus paddle holster                                 $300
Colt Police Positive, .32 S&W, 2"                                                                   $650

Black leather belt slide holster, 2 leather speedloader pouches and
 2 speedloaders (all fit either the Taurus or the S&W pistols)                      $30

Ruger P95 semi-auto magazines  -  hold 15 rds.                                   4@ $15 each
Ruger P95 semi-auto magazine -     holds 10 rds.                                         $15

Santa Fe Arms model 1947, bolt .30-06                                                         $175
Accessories - ADCO Int'l 1" red dot                                                                 $20

Remington 870 pump 12 ga w/spare choke tube IC                                      $200
Savage model 940, single 20 ga                                                                      $125
Stevens model 320 pump, 20 ga                                                                      $230

Contact 724-847-7560

Thursday, November 21, 2013

October 2013 Minutes

Date: 10/24/13

Ed: Please be advised of all the ticks around the club

Fixing the drive way is still planned for this fall.

  • Turkey Shoots
    • Have been going great.
    • We just bought 5,000 targets and 10 more cases of shells
    • We want to thank everyone for coming and helping

  • Options for self protections
    • October 26 at 3:00pm
    • At KBBSA

  • Poker shoots
    • The plan is to start them in December, dates and times will be announced soon.

·         Reminder: the next two meetings are on the third Thursday of the month

·        Ev Gower made a motion to give the Shooting league banquet $50 for door prizes. Seconded by Sawn Cox: Passed

·         Christmas Party
o   Larry Tooch made a motion to have the Christmas party seconded by Bud Hacket
o   December 15, 2013 2pm-4pm.

New Members
Christ Caneilla
Matthew Hunter
Fran Trputec

Jimmy Skocyas made a motion to accept the three new members and Bud Sheeler
 seconded it: Passed.

50/50 won by Ev Gower for $22

September 2013 Minutes

Date: 9/26/13

Officers Report:
Ed: Kids shoot; the kids had a wonderful time.
Rene: Turkey shoots are going really well, we have full size turkeys. There are 8 more shoots scheduled

  • Drive way will be redone this fall.
  • Trap house needs cleaned up.

  • Kids shoot:
    • Three kids shoot, all seemed to have a really good time.

  • Practical Pistol Practice
o   15 shooters for August
o   7 shooters for September
o   Pistol practice is done until this spring.

  • Saturday October 26, there will be a wedding held across the street. It was requested that all shooting to please cease during 2:15-4:00.

  • Options for Self Protection
o   Ev  Gower is putting a program on for “options for self protection”
o   October 26 at 3:00pm at no cost for you
o   Open to the public
o   Firearm, pepper spray, tactical flashlight, and hand to hand techniques will be discussed
o   Sabre pepper spray will be available for purchase, $15 as well as TerraLux LS100 flashlights, $20

  • Bud Sheeler makes a motion to have a work ticket winner next September, details to be worked out later. Seconded by Don Sapp: passed. 

New Members:

Thomas Supe IV
Jeff Sheyn
Rob Knopp

Ev Gower made a motion to accept the three new members and Dewey Minteer
seconded it: Passed.

Koppel-Big Beaver Sportsmen’s Assoc.
Election of officers
As a reminder there will be no election for President and Secretary. These are two-year terms. Also we will only hold election of one director.

The nominating committee is not present there for we will take nominations from the floor.

Vice President:
Larry Tooch made a motion     
Nominations: Ed Mangerie
Accept nomination: yes
Wayne Hochar seconded
Dewey Minteer made a motion to close nominations and seconded it by Bud Sheeler.

Secretary to cast ballet

Jim Skoczylas made a motion
Nominations Jim Tillia
Accept nomination: Yes
Larry Tooch seconded
Dewey Minteer made a motion to close nominations and seconded it by Wayne Hocar: Passed

Secretary to cast ballet

Richard Strealy made a motion
Nominations Jimmy Skoczylas
Accept nomination: yes
Larry Tooch seconded
Ev Gower made a motion to close nominations and seconded by Dewey Mnteer: passed

Secretary to cast ballet

50/50 won by Wayne Hochar for $38

Winner of work ticket: Jerry Tillia