Monday, November 20, 2017

Please be advised the club range is closed this evening due to cleaning. Any questions contact an officer. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

New target backing has been placed up on the range shortly after Octobers meeting. The backing along with the clips have already been misused and mistreated. Rifle season is approaching us and our ranges will be used greatly in the weeks to come. Please make sure to treat our range as if it was your own personal range, clean up after your self, report any damage and take care of the targets! Happy Shooting!

Checking In email

Due to fixing emails I am posting an email I just sent out to the membership:

Hello All,

I am emailing you to check in for the month of November.

November and Decembers Meeting: will be held on the Third Thursday of the month starting at 7PM

Renewals: are officially closed. If you or someone you know did not get your renewal in please make sure to contact me on what the next steps are for you to become a member. Even though there currently are openings for "new members" do not assume you will be able to renew, as stated in your renewal letter and online you will be treated as a new member and be placed on the waiting list and will be taken as a first come first serve basis.

Those of you who have not signed the range rules: I have contacted you and I am still waiting for the forms back. If I do not receive the signed forms by meeting night action will be taken place.

Emails: I have officially updated our email list. I thought after four years it was time :) Because of this you or someone may be receiving emails someplace you may not want, no longer receiving emails, or may be receiving emails and not want to. If any of these are the case please make sure to contact me and I will fix this. I have tried over the past four years to change emails on my membership list as have been asked and removed emails as have been asked however with so many members sometimes it is missed.  We currently have 251 emails for our membership which is a little over half, this is amazing and I thank you all for this, it enables us to touch base more often!

With archery season coming to an end and rifle season started soon please all shoot straight and enjoy your time in the woods!

I wish your family and you a great Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Octobers Meeting Highlights

  • Beer cans were found on the range, it is reminded that if you are caught drinking you will be DISMISSED from the club.
  • It is also reminded that if there is any dumping you will be DISMISSED from the club.
  • Council meeting is November 7 at 7pm the cell tower will be discussed there any one is welcome.
  • Officers discussed the bids that were taken, it was decided that we would do an in house option that was originally discussed to see if it will work before we proceed. A motion to proceed with the suggested ventilation system and to allow the officers to oversee it. Passed
  • 5 Points are closing their range down for construction. It is asked if we would be willing to set a date aside for them to come up and use our range.  The members agreed to do this.

County Leauge Highlights

Election of officers
Election was held Rich Kerlin was elected Vice President, Mark Benzio elected as treasurer both 2-year terms,
Electronic waterfowl, dove decoys sent lure heater, and ozone generators approved by the Board of Commissioners and will take effect 4-6 weeks.
Purposed Special access permit for disabled vehicles access for disabled individuals to use atvs and motorized wheel chairs and golf carts on game lands on designated roads.(this will be different than the vehicle as a blind permit)
Semi auto and air rifles still restricted in special regulation areas (Alleghany County)
170,000 pheasants to be released this year. Birds will only be stocked on public land not on co op property. There is an interactive map showing stocking dates and locations (including Hereford Manor Property) on the PA Game Commissions website.
Reminder you must purchase a pheasant permit except mentored youth (Mentor must have Pheasant permit)
CWD importation ban with Ohio Deer you cannot bring unprocessed deer from Ohio West Virginia.
Estimate from Mike Yeck of 1000 deer died of EHD beaver county considered ground zero of the EHD outbreak. January 23rd first reported case in beaver county
HB275 to allow sales of deer tags to be sold at license sales stations (Bill attached
Special guest Beth Tarasi
 Candidate for US Congress 12th district came to speak to the league about her candidacy.
Youth foundation
 3rd weekend in May will have a sporting clays outing at Rochester
Youth Hunts
Pheasant hunt 14 kids signed up 
Check in is 7am safety brief starts at 730
30 birds from game commission. And 12 from gobbler’s knob
Goose hunt has been canceled because only 1 kid applied
16 hunters applied to use the blinds at Brady’s run hunt has been shortened to 4 days.
Oct 10th 8 am set up for the blinds at the county public works building.
County league sent  a letter of recommendation to recommend Mike Harcher for commissioner of the Pa Game commission for District 2.
Hereford manor lake
Collected over 600 signatures on the petition for the lake at the Big Knob Fair
Aaron Burnstine is still working on restoring the Hereford manor lake everything is still in the works.

The Beaver County Sportsman’s Conservaton League also thanked the Kopple Big Beaver Sportsman’s Association for hosting the meeting.




Thursday, October 5, 2017

County Leauge Highlights

Fish WCO Jeremy Allen was assigned duty for a couple of weeks in Texas after Hurricane Harvey. He has advanced training in Swift Water Recuse and is a member of that team.

Special guests Kim Tesla, Sandy Egly, and Deborah DeCostro

Introductory Youth Archery every Thursday evening 6pm until whenever the archer wants to leave. No experience necessary and equipment will be provided. There is no charge for this program. Sometimes we have 30 kids at this shoot. • You don’t have to be a member of the club to participate

HUNTER EDUCATION - George Sullivan • Upcoming Hunters Education Classes:

 9/16  Concord United Methodist Church   9:00am - 4:00pm

 9/23  New Salem Presbyterian Church   9:00am - 4:00pm 

9/28-29 Church of the Nazarene, New Brighton  5:30pm - 9:00pm

 9/30  Beaver County Conservation District  9:00am - 4:00pm

  9/30  Midland Sportsmen’s Club   9:00am - 4:00pm 

10/19-20 Marion Hill Sportsmen’s Club   5:30pm - 9:00pm

 10/26-27 Big Knob Grange    5:30pm - 9:00pm 

11/8-9 Concord United Methodist Church  6:00pm - 9:30pm


• 2017 dates for the Controlled Goose hunt.

• Youth Hunts - Oct 28 & (Nov 4 if needed)

• Adults Hunts - Oct 30, Nov 3, 4, 6, 9, 13, 17.

 • Must have your hunting license, Federal Duck Stamp and Migratory Bird Stamp.

 • Can pick up applications at the Ice Arena.

• Rich will check with Tim Ishman to see if it’s OK to put the application on the league’s website.

 • Youth Pheasant Hunt, Oct 7, Raccoon State Park. Registration online

• Both events require a significant amount of help. Please contact Rich Kerlin for information at:   724-601-6974  or

YOUTH FIELD DAY - Youth Foundation / Jerry Hooks

• 77 kids, 40 parents, 62 workers. We fed and took care of 179 people that day.
• Each kid received a flashlight. We also had 66 other prizes that were donated.

 • We solicited prizes, water etc. from different clubs and individuals. We also received donations from some of these folks

 • Total event expenses were $2,204.30. With donations and earnings from the event we were able to return the initial $3,000 we requested from the league plus $31.70.

• Jerry - EHD (epizootic hemorrhagic disease) seems to be expanding in our area. We have serious problem. They’re finding dead bucks everywhere. Estimates as high as 2,500 deer have died of EHD in Beaver County alone.

• Tony - Hereford Manor Lake update. Everything is in place to move forward. We’re trying to get the money released for the study, cost and design, which is the first step. But only because of the budget stalemate it’s not moving


Septembers Highlights

September Highlights

  • Dick Logan will be installing some of the lights that were ordered this Saturday at 9, if anyone would like to come and help please contact him
  •  Ventilation system: Dewey received two quotes for the ventilation system and has brought them to the club for review. 
  • CMP and PA Rifle and Pistol Association: a motion was made to belong to both of these associations, cost of $35 for each: Passed
2017-2018 Election of Officers:
  • Vice President: Jarett Wagner  
  • Treasure:: Jim Tillia 
  • Director: Walt Kazenski
  • County League: Shawn Cox