Monday, August 21, 2017

July Meeting Highlights

  • The key system has been down for the past month. Currently the club house is working however the gate is not working. We will be leaving the gate open. 
  • Practical shooting for Women
    • Holding a class on July 30th, indoor range will be closed.
  • The outdoor range will be closed for a church group on August 26 (please look on calendar for exact times closer to the date).


Game Changed disease management area 2 from 2800 to 4800 acres.
Digest is now $6 or free online
25 confirmed hunting related accidents in 2016 one of the safest in a long time
Plenary approval voted for Electronic waterfowl decoys, electronic warming pots for sent lure, and ozone generators
Goose blinds can be applied for online now
August 28th 2B licenses on sale over the county
1A 52000 2A 50000 2B  
Camp went well with no issues
Ran some new programs including a mock investigation with the game commission investigating a crime
Over half the kids that went where sponsored by a club
We are currently working on restructuring the costs of the camp.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

May Highlights

  • A new filter system will be looked into.  
  • LED Lights just came in.
  • Cell Tower
    • No update
  • Wildlife Leadership School
    • We gave Hana Dean a scholarship for the wildlife leadership school
    • It is her and our hope that at next month’s meeting she will be here to give us a presentation.
  • Shirts
    • It was brought to our attention that we need hats; prices will be looked into until September.

June's County League Minutes

June's County League Minutes

Please don’t disturb the wildlife. It can be a fine of up to $1500 per animal.
Game Commission and Game commission are working together to restore difficult to manage lowlands into roughed grouse and woodcock habitat.
320 lb male black bear caught in midland. It was released in Westmoreland county and was caught a week later getting into people’s yards.
3% all black bear in the world in PA. and 6% of all the bears harvested in the world are in PA
PFB working on cleaning up abandoned boats on the Ohio river
Currently have 50 confirmed kids
Sent 3 buses 92 from beaver county and 132 totals including northside sportsman club 186 total attended the rally. 54% of attendees from beaver county 75% adding Northside Sportsman’s.  Sheriff Tony Guy and 20 other county Sheriffs from across the state come to support the rally.
Youth foundation
Sept 16th clays shoot
June 24th 10 am-4 pm kids extravaganza at the dome  
Youth Pheasant hunt
A dog handler must have a stamp but a mentor for youth does not.
Hereford manor
Tony Rich, Rocco Ali, Russ Sliden, and Aaron Burnstine had a meeting about the financial aspects of the dam.
Possibility of selling the naming rights to Hereford Manor. If sold the money will be put into the Wildlife for Everyone Endowment Foundation fund to restore Hereford Manor Lake

Thursday, July 13, 2017



Club house key system is back up and running. 

Gate key system is still down for now the gate will be left open. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Sb192 for license increase has been tabled
4 hunting related accidents in southwest regional division  
300lb black bear trapped by Yeck in industry relocated to summerset
Officer Yeck and Kramer tranquilized and tazed a bear in Rochester and ran it off
Executive Director of the  PA Game Commission Brian Burnhands
Tom Fazy Hunters ed coordinator
Working to Restoring bob white quale in PA
West nile virus blamed for 25% decrease in Ruffed Growls flock
1 of only 3 states to harvest over 300,000
43% of PGC budget goes to land management
16 vacant districts with 127 WCOs expected 30% drown in workforce
Estimated 170,000 pheasants to be stocked
$5 fee for the digest when you buy your license or you can get it for free online. Hunters ed classes will get them free. Costs 250,000 per year to run the digest program. You will get a handout with basic info free.
PFSC John Kline Lobbiest
220 state wide clubs
Works with game and fish committees in the state house and senate
575 trout stocked, 149 kids, 81 prizes given out
Grand prize drawing winner won a Charter for 4 on Erie for steelhead, walleye, or perch
Deadline may 21st.
Canceled 1 bus now sending 3

Youth field day
Work on consolidating a couple stations and eliminating a station.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

March Highlights

·         Camera system
    • They dvr died due to a lot of dirt.
    • A New DVR was voted on and bought
·         Wildlife Leadership Academy
    • a motion was made to pay part of the tuition for Hannah Dean, Shenango High School, to go to the Wildlife Leadership Academy: passed
Membership plan
    • New Members: Currently the membership is closed and will have a cap of 400.
    • Sponsors have to be a member for a year before they are able to sponsor anyone to join.
    • A motion was made to accept the membership plan: Passed
    • The full membership plan can be located by contacting the secretary or on our website.