Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Hello All,

It is that time of year again when the school year is winding down and most of our seniors are thinking about starting college and we are all thankful for the warm weather.

I would like to take a minute and announce that KBBSA is officially taking scholarship application.

The criteria for the scholarship is as follows:

          1.       Applicant must be a senior level student as defined through credit hours at their institution
          2.       Applicant must plan on attending an institution for post secondary education
          3.       Applicant must provide proof of more character, community service and sound academic status.
          4.       Applicant must be a US Citizen
          5.       Applicant must show a proven record of academic learning in order for award to continue. 

   You can find the scholarship form along with the application process here:

    See you all Thursday Jess


Saturday, May 21, 2016

April's Minutes

Date: 4.28.2016
Koppel-Big Beaver Sportsmen’s Association
 County League:
  • Fishing Derby April 30
  • Camp dead line May 14
  • There will be a Hunters Ed class at KBBSA on June 23.
Old business:
  • Turkey Shoots
    • $834.94 was the profit made on the turkey shoots.
    • The last night we had two money rounds one shoot’s prize was $50 and the second shoot’s prize was $150.
  • Cell Tower
    • The placement of the tower is being discussed.
  • Property Purchase
    • Currently the sales agreement is being looked at by our attorney.
  • Self-Protection for Woman
    • Three gun safety instruction classes for 2hr were held on April 1,8,15 (five ladies attended.)
    • Next class is May 22 at 2pm 
New Business:
  • Self-Protection for Woman
    • June 12 is the following class
  • WCO Yeck
    • WCO Yeck has sighted 6 individuals for riding ATV’s on our property.
    • WCO Yeck was here to discuss a license increase.
    • Ev Gower made a motion to draft up a preliminary letter for Senate bill 1166 seconded by Linda Wachter.:Passed
    • Shawn Cox made a motion to send an email to the county league stating that our club agreed to the bills, Skip Veiock :Passed
  • Boy Scouts Troop 407
    • A motion was made by Jimmy Skoczylas to allow the troop to camp out on our property, for a weekend, with the range closed on the Saturday seconded by Linda Wachter: Passed
  • A motion was made by Ev Gower to reimburse Shawn Cox $54.06 seconded by Linda Watcher: Passed
  • Ev Gower made a motion to purchase a respirator for Shawn Cox to use while cleaning the floors seconded by Linda Watcher. Passed

New Members:
Mike Rambo
Ryan Bouts
Ron McDanel
Dan Beltz
Ron Kydd
Zach Young
David Kydd
 Alex Hoyle made a motion to accept the seven new members and Wayne Hoschar seconded it: Passed.

*Next meeting will be held on May 26 at 7PM*