Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Meeting Highlights

Building Committee Report:
        Still fighting the gate, we need to wait until he weather breaks in order to fix it correctly.  

County League:
  • The Fishing Derby: will be April 30
  • Youth Camp: June 19-25 $150 per person.
  • The County League Banquet will be March 5. Tickets will be available next meeting. 
Old business:
  • Internet
    • The internet is put on hold for a few months.
  • Herford Manor
    • Due to some confusion with this a representative from the county league will come next meeting to explain how the money we would like to donate will be used.
  • Self-protection for Women
    • January 31 at 2pm will be the next class.
  • Shirts and Hats
    • Due to us waiting a month the price may have increased, currently the estimated price is $1,308.
    • The estimate includes 60 hats and 60 shirts.
    • Dick Logan made a motion to purchase the 60 hats and 60 shirts with a cap of $1,350.00 Seconded by Linda Watcher. Passed

New Business:

  • Dinner
    • Dick Logan made a motion to have the dinner seconded by Wayne Hoschar.
    • March 12 at 5pm
  • Turkey Shoots
    • Dick Logan made a motion to have four turkey shoots starting April 6. Seconded by Linda Watcher: Passed.
  • Woman’s Self Protection
    • February 28th and March 20th are the next two classes.

New Members:

Jacob Martin
Paul Cooper
Corey Policaro
Ray Barrow
Dan Schroth
Andrew Wiltse
Donald Varner
Douglas Wedner
Samuel Crang
Steve Salmos
Raymond Wolf Sr.
David Bell
Sean Cashdollar
Rachel Cashdollar

Linda Watcher made a motion to accept the 14 new members and Dick Logan
seconded it: Passed.

Next meeting Feb 25 at 7pm