Thursday, June 6, 2013

May's Minutes

Date: 5/23/13

  • The wires are installed from the club house to the trap house. The breaker box still needs installed.  
  • There is research being done to add a pistol range on the outdoor shooting range.
  • The current in door projects are completed. However, the floor in the entrance way and kitchen will need done in the fall.
  • Discussion to fix the driveway is being held. The driveway from the top of the hill to the road will be completed. Prices will be discussed with officers once we receive bids.
  • Practical Pistol Practice
    • Saturday May 25 will be the next practice
  • A flashlight self defense class will be held here at KBBSA by Ev Growler
    • Ages 14 and up
    • June 22 4:00pm-5:30pm
  • Please do not burn ANYTHING on the outdoor range. It is very dry.
  • A thank you goes out to Bud Sheeler for planting 15 trees on the outdoor range.
  • We would like to inform everyone that ticks are VERY bad this year. Ticks are also bad around club. We would like everyone to be cautions.
  • Prices will be gathered for KBBSA hats and shirts.

New Members:

Justin Tonya