Thursday, April 28, 2016

March 2016 Meeting Highlights

County League:
  • 2nd Amendment Rally May 24, Free to go, see Shawn Cox for information.
  • April 30th Fishing Derby
  • Camp deadline May 14

Old business:
  • Self-Protection for Woman
    • No one came this month
  • Turkey Shoots
    • 1199.06 was the profit made on the turkey shoots
  • Cell Tower
    • The tower will be placed beside our observation tower.
    • We currently have a lease and an addendum in hand.
    • Our income once the tower is up and running will be $600.
    • If we choose the company agreed to lay down the tower for us.
    • A motion was made by Jim Quinn to build the tower seconded by Dick Logan: Passed
    • Jim Quinn made a motion to have Jerry Tillia sign the lease seconded by Wayne Hoschar
  • Dinner
    • Expenses $1507.27
    • Income $1220.00
    • 99 people
  • Range Lights
    • Are installed
  • Jessica Tressler was reimbursed $582.99

New Business:

  • A Motion was made by Bud Hackott to reimburse Walt Kazenski $134.68 for parts for the bathroom and range second by Jimmy Skoczylas.
  • Property
    • 21 acres by the turnpike is for sale, gas rights will be kept, $60,000
    •  Ev Gower made a motion to purchase the property seconded by Linda Watcher.: Passed
    • Jim Quinn made a motion to have Jerry Tillia to sign all the legal documents seconded by Linda Watcher. Passed
  • Self-Protection for women
    • Aril 24 and May 22
  • Turkey Shoots
    • Starts April 6
  • Upper Range
    • The Upper Range will be closed on April 1, 9-1 for a Police department to qualify.

New Members:
Joe Main
Clayton Lewis
Todd Pohski
Randy Allen
Rob Parks
David Huffman

Ed Bennethum made a motion to accept the six new members and Linda Watcher
 seconded it: Passed.

50/50 won by Carol Taylor for $32


Motion made by Alex Hoyle and seconded by Jim Tillia: Passed