Thursday, May 22, 2014

Indoor Range Closed

The Indoor Range will be closed May 27-28 due to repairs. 


Aprils Minutes

April Minutes

Larry Tooch: Penn Fence was here to give us an estimate on an electrical gate. The estimate will be brought to the directors meeting. 

  • Drive way: Millings are complete. However, it is too cold to spray and stone the drive way. Once the weather breaks “again” they will spray and stone the drive way.
  • Trap House door is in and will be installed by the end of next week.
  • We are still waiting on the quote for the targets. Once the target quote comes in we will compare both estimates.

  • NRA Pistol Class
    • Had 12 people sign up
    • Next class is April 26 and there are 6 people signed up

  • Camp Perry
    • The clubs team will have approximately 7-9 people
    • Apparel is still being discussed.

  • Key number 1775 was shut off. If this is your key please contact Jerry Tillia.

  • Lawrence County Police K-9 Safety Fund
    • There was a discussion about donating to this organization.
    • We will continue to discuss this next meeting after we discuss it with the charitable constitution chairman.

50/50 won by Wayne Hochar for $22

March Minutes

March Minutes
Jim Tillia: New flag is put up
Larry Tooch: pointed out that the indoor rang was shot up. He expressed that this is a major safety concern.
        Walt Kazenski is comparing prices on the backstops. He is also getting samples for them.

  • Poker Shoot
    • January’s poker shoot 21 shooters An income of $130
    • February’s poker shoot 24 shooters an income of $142.00
    • March’s Poker Shoot 12 shooters an income of$101
    • Bud Sheeler will be reimbursed $27.25 for advertising the poker shoots.
  • Rifle Team
    • Ev Grower made a motion to buy 2000 targets Shawn Cox seconded: Passed
    • The team is still doing well; one more shoot then the season will be complete.
  • Dinner
    • 125 people present
    • We brought in $1225.00
    • Expenses $2140.17

·         Indoor range is closed 9:30- 2:00pm Saturday March 29 2014. 

·         Drive Way
o   We are first on the list for Youngblood’s to place millings on our drive way.

·         Gate
o   Please make sure the gate is closed behind you while you are inside club property.
o   Also there was discussion about an electric gate
·         Trap house
o   We are waiting on a door
o   A reminder you are able to use the trap house now if you take a safety course please contact an officer for the courses information.

·         NRA Pistol class only covers semi-automatics (Contact Ev Grower)
o   Open to the public
o   Sunday April 27 from 2-5

·         Camp Perry
o   Discussion about needing apparel was held.
o   The team will get back to us once they know how many people will be attending. 

New Members:

Dean VeVerka
Allen Slder Jr.

Linda Wachtermade a motion to accept the two new members and Wayne Hochar
seconded it: Passed.

50/50 won by Walt Kazenski for $36

February Minutes

February Minutes

        There was discussion of a new back stop for the indoor and outdoor range. The backstops are made out of polyethylene foam and can be bought in square blocks. 

  • Poker Shoot
    • Went really well
    • March 13 2014 next poker shoot
    • Held indoors
  • Ev Grower made a motion to try the purposed back stops to see if these blocks are satisfactory seconded by Shawn Cox: Passed 
  • Rifle Team
    • Is doing well and continuing their season (with a total of ONLY four losses all season)
  • Clinton United Methodist Church sent us a thank you note for the Christmas donation.
  • Dinner
    • March 1 2014 at 5:00pm
    • Bud Hackett is taking care of the meat and dinner rolls
  • Practical shooting for woman
    • March 29, April 26, May 17, June 21, July19, August 16, and September 20
    • Each shoot will start at 3:00pm
  • Ladies Rifle Practice
    • March 29, April 26, May 17, June 21, July19, August 16, and September 20
    • Each shoot will start at 2:00pm
  • NRA Pistol Class that only covers semi-automatics (Contact Ev Grower)
    • March 29
    • Cost will be $11
  • Alex Hoyle made a motion to buy a new flag seconded by Don Sapp. Passed

New Members:

Linda Wachter

Jimmy Skoczylas made a motion to accept the new members and Sherry Sapp
 seconded it: Passed.

50/50 won by Michael Soos for $32