Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

November's Minutes

Date: 11/20/14

Building Committee Report:
        Gate: the company did come back and readjusted the gate. We are considering looking into getting the second side of the gate to open automatically.   

Old business:
  • Turkey Shoot
    • Last shoot was held last night.
    • There is discussion of having a spring turkey shoot 
  • Discussion about replacing pictures on the wall was held.
    • Ev Grower made a motion about having a committee to handle framing and replacing the pictures. Carl Taylor made a second: Passed.
  • Audit Committee
    • Ronald Montgomery
    • Ev Grower

New Business:

  • Discussion of buying a heater for the kitchen
New Members:
Mike Radaker
Jeffery Kohlman
Anthony Belczyk
Ryan Christy
Matthew Christy
Bryan Ivan
Larry Dolenak Jr.

Alex Hoyle made a motion to accept the seven new members and Jimmy Skoczylas seconded it: Passed.

Have a Wonderful Thanks Giving and Good luck Deer hunting

Next Meeting December 18th at 7:00pm

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Party

You are invited to a Christmas Party!

When:           December 14, 2014

Where:             Koppel- Big Beaver Sportsmens Association

Sponsored By:  The Members of KBBSA

Who's Invited:   All Club Members!  Your Children and grandchildren!  Children can also bring a friend!

We would ask that members donate a sweet holiday treat (cookies etc.) for everyone to enjoy at the party.  Please RSVP by December 8, 2014 at 724-652-9758 or email at We will need the ages of all children 12 and under and if the child is a girl or a boy, for a special holiday present!  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

July's Minutes

Date: 7/24/14

Building Committee Report:
          Targets: All the targets were installed on the outdoor range. A few days after the targets were installed some targets were destroyed. It is reminded that NO SHOTGUNS OR SHOTGUN SLUGS can be used on these targets!  

  • Email that was received
    • Wanted to thank all the officers and directors for everything they do and that the back stops and the road look great.
  • Gate
    • We are still on the waiting list for our gate to be installed
  • Indoor Range
    • Is rented on August 9th
  • Pistol Practice
    • Date for August soon to be announce
  • It is a reminder that we do not allow ATV’s on the club property.

New Members:
Raymond Wolf III
Peter Barney

Jimmy Skoczylas made a motion to accept the two new members and Linda Watcher
seconded it: Passed.

50/50 won by Bud Hacket for $20

Junes Minutes

Date: 6/26/14

Officers Report:
Ed Mangerie: Shot the new backstop material on the rifle range with a muzzleloader. The material held up well.  Feedback from the membership has been positive.

Larry Tooch: The Company that plans to install our gate has us next on their list for installation.

Ladies Rifle and Pistol Practice
    • June had 8 participants.
 Picnic Shelter is rented on July 11 from 4pm to dark.

New Members:
One new member application was received, but will be voted on at the next meeting.

50/50 won by Jimmy Skoczylas for $22

Septembers Minutes

Date: 9/25/14

  • Gate
    • Please do not stop in the line of the gate closer. We are in the processes of getting an eye, so the gate will stay open while cars drive through.
    • The gate swings towards you coming in the gate.

  • Ladies Pistol Practice
    • September’s practice is complete and had three participants

·         Turkey shoots
o   Prizes were purchased at Jefferson Poultry
o   September 17 shoot had 8 full rounds and a money round.
o   September 24 shoot had 10 full rounds and a money round (with a gross of $342)
o   Numbers where purchased to replace the numbers on the range.

·         Rifle Team Dues and Door Prize
o   Bud Sheeler made a motion to pay the rifle team dues, $20, seconded by Wayne Hochar. Passed
o   Bud Sheeler made a motion to donate $50 for the rifle team door prize seconded by Wayne Hochar. Passed

·         Club will be rented on December 27, 2014

New Members:

James Bistyga
Stephen Kimmel
Matt Bintrim
Jeff Casuccio
Elvin Jenkins II
Andrew Donaldson
Ron Cashdollar

Dick Logan made a motion to accept the seven new members and Linda Watcher seconded it: Passed.

Koppel-Big Beaver Sportsmen’s Assoc.
Election of officers

As a reminder there will be no election for Vice President and Treasure. These are two-year terms. Also we will only hold election of one director.

The nominating committee chairman was Ed Mangerie.

The nominating committee nominated Jerry Tillia
Dick Logan made a motion to close nominations for president and Linda Watcher seconded it.    

Vice President instructed Secretary to cast ballet: Passed

The nominating committee nominated Jessica Tressler
Linda Watcher made a motion to close nominations for secretary and seconded by Wayne Hochar: Passed

Vice president instructed secretary to cast ballet: Passed

The nominating committee nominated Larry Tooch

Dick Logan made a motion to close nominations for director and seconded by Richard Strealy: Passed.

Vice president instructed secretary to cast ballet: Passed

The work ticket prize was won by: Wayne Hochar

50/50 won by Linda Watcher for $42