Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Turkey Shoots

Wednesdays 7 pm

Rounds will start once they are full.

Starting: September 14


     Koppel-Big Beaver Sportsmen’s Association

Norwood Drive, just north of the Beaver Falls Holiday Inn



“Factory field grade full choke maximum”

12-20 gauge

Meat Prizes

*Prizes are bigger and better than last year!

For more information call:

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Meeting Highlights

August Meeting Highlights

  • There was a problem on our outdoor range.
  • The officers also discussed the by-law changes: It was anonymous amongst them to recommend not to have any by-law changes.
  • Scholarship: we had two applicant, the officers are recommending giving out both scholarships and next year to relook at the scholarship process.
  • A correspondences was sent threw an email, It needs to be brought to the attention that what is placed on the website are highlights not official minutes.
  • The range back stops are now rebuilt.

  • Cell Tower
    • A zoning meeting is scheduled for September 6.
  • By-Law Changes
    • Please see attached paper for what the by-law is currently and the purposed changed.
    • Ev Grower made a motion to make the purposed change and seconded by Anthony Belczyk: Discussion
    • All in favor: 1, All opposed: 16, Motion fails.
  • Hats and Shirts
    • They are still for sale. Please see Shawn Cox or come to a meeting if interested
  • Self-Protection for Woman
    • August had no one
    • Next class September 18 2-4
  • .22 Bulls eye
    • Starting September 7 at 6:30pm
  • Turkey Shoot
    • A motion made by Dick Logan to have the Turkey Shoot starting September 14 at 7pm seconded by Sherri Sapp: Passed

County League
·         Beaver Valley Archers Field days’ sept. 3rd and 4th
·         Youth Pheasant Hunt at Raccoon State Park Oct 8th at 7am register at Game Commission website after Labor Day.
·         Goose Hunt at Brady’s run, Youth Oct 29th and Nov 5th, Adult hunts Oct. 31, Nov 4,7,10,14,18
·         Field day 96 kids registered 76 attended. All stations went well, no mishaps or injuries, (photos on county leagues website)


Thursday, August 18, 2016

.22 Bullseye

Koppel-Big Beaver Sportsmen’s Assoc. is opening the indoor range for organized bullseye target shooting to the public. Anyone wishing to learn how to shoot organized bullseye target at 50 feet or those who are experienced and wanting to have a place to shoot organized bullseye target at 50 feet are welcome.

At the present time we must limit this to shooters with 22 rim fire pistols.

We will have an organizational meeting on Wednesday September 7th at 6:30 pm follow by relays of members shooting.
You will need:
  •   Safety glasses preferable with side shields
  • Hat
  •  Hearing protection muffs or plugs
  • Open chamber indicator
  • Clip board and pencil
  • Plus your pistol, magazines, 50 rounds of 22 rf cartridges and a small mat to place on bench to protect pistol.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Out Door Range

The outdoor range will be closed on Tuesday August 23 from sunrise to sunset, due to construction on the range.

Any questions please contact an officer or email

Thank you

Friday, August 12, 2016

July Highlights

Building Committee Report:
  • Weed eater is purchased and has been used.
  • The ditches are dug.

County Leagued:
  • The camp went well.
  • Youth Field Day went well also.

Old business:
  • Shirts and Hats
    • They are in; if you would like one please see Shawn Cox.
    • Hats $15, Shirts S-XL $9 2X and up $13
  • Self-Protection for Woman
    • Next class is July 31 at 2pm
  • Audit
    • The audit for 2012-2015 is done.
    • There was no discrepancies found
    • Bill came to $100
  • Pa one call
    • We were charged $125.
    • A motion was made by Linda Watcher seconded by Jim Quinn to pay the bill: Passed
  • Game Dinner
    • September 23 the game dinner will be held
    • Doors will open at 6:00pm dinner will be served at 7:00pm
    • Tickets cost $5.00
  • Pop Machine
    • Is here and running well.
    • Our old Machine was given to Beaver Valley Rifle and Pistol Club. A Thank you note was given to us.
  • Hunters Ed
    • A motion was made by Ev Grower to reimburse Larry Dolnak $7.88 seconded by Skip Dochio: Passed.
    • 39 people attended the Hunters Ed class, every student passed.
  • Camp
    • We received a picture of the staff and students, a certificate and a picture from the student of her favorite moment at the camp.

New Business:

  • A Motion was made by Jim Quinn to reimburse Jimmy Skoczylas $25.13 for pop seconded by Ed Bennethum: Passed
  • .22 pistol league
    •  Wednesday, September 7 at 7:00 pm
    • Ev Gower made a motion to have an introduction .22 bulsie shoot on Wednesday night starting September 7 at 7pm second Linda Watcher: Passed
  • Self-Protection for women
    • August 21 at 2:00pm

New Members:
Karl Chapple
Nancy Chapple
Lee Groom
Gary Burrell
Michael Pangonis
Douglas Miller
Brandon Magnifico
Randy Rice
Ev Gower made a motion to accept the eight new members and Dick Logan
Seconded it: Passed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

June's Meeting Highlights

June's Meeting Highlights

Building Committee Report:
        The gate is temporarily broke and will be standing open until fixed.

County League:
  • Camp is currently underway.
  • Hunters Ed Class July 23 9-4 at KBBSA.

Old business:
  • Cell Tower
    • The company is currently working on the borough to get the proper zoning.
  • Property
    • We closed on the property.
    • A map will be located in the club in the near future.
  • Survey of our property
    • An estimate of $12,500 was given.
    • Linda Watcher made a motion to have the property surveyed once the funds are available seconded by Jim Quinn: Passed
  • Pop Machine
    • The machine has been shipped.
    • The current Machine is cleaned out and ready to be given to Aliquippa Buck Tails. 
  • Hats and Shirts
    • They are currently being made.
  • Walt Kazenski was reimbursed $195 for trap house expenses.
  • Self-Protection for women
    • No one at the June class.
    • Next class is July 31
New Business:
  • Self-Protection for women
    • Next class will be held July 31
    • There is discussion about contacting the Beaver County Times to have it put in the paper.
  • County League Game Dinner
    • Ev Gower made at motion to form a committee and to let the officers and the committee to set a date and the amount to be spent for the game dinner Seconded by Linda Watcher: Passed
    • Please contact Shawn Cox if you would like to be on the Committee.
  • The outdoor Range will be closed on July 2: 10:00am-2:00pm
  • Weed eater
    • An estimate was taken of $467.40.
    • Ev Gower made a motion to purchase the weed eater Linda Watcher seconded: Passed
  • Key’s
    • Brian Keener made a motions to buy a box of keys seconded by Jimmy Skoczylas: Passed
New Members:

Charlie Merritt
Ryan Veiock
Rudy Kelosky
Thomas Hicks
John Douds

Ed Bennethem made a motion to accept the five new members and Jim Quinn
 seconded it: Passed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May Meeting Highlights

Building Committee Report:
  • There is a new reader on the gate.
County League:
  • 153 kids attended the fishing derby.
  • Conservation camp is full (48 kids).
  • Second Amendment rally. 146 people went.
Old business:
  • Self-Protection for women
    • No one came for our May class.
  • Cell Tower
    • We are currently on the fourth move of the tower
  • Property purchase
    • Title search was completed.
    • Possible closing next week
  • Tax’s
    • Paid our tax preparation $1600 
New Business:
  • A motion was made by Ev Gower to reimburse Shawn Cox $27.93 for cleaner for the floor and a new mop head seconded by: Jim Quinn, Passed.
  • Five Points Hunting Club
    • They are sponsoring a “Hunt for a Lifetime”
    • In order to sponsor the “Hunt for a lifetime”  they are putting on a shoot and asking for donations to sponsor a target for $100
    • A Motion was made by Jim Quinn and seconded by Bud Hackett to sponsor a target: Passed
  • Scholarship
    • It is currently on the internet.
  • Rifle Team
    • Rifle team received first place
    • $260 was turned in.
·         Property Survey
o   Estimates are being taken; this is due to purchasing the new piece of property.
·         Self-Protection for Women
o   July 31, will be the next class 2-4
·         Ev Gower made a motion to sponsor one kid for the Conservation Camp, $150, seconded by: Skip Veiock: Passed.