Friday, January 16, 2015

Decembers Minutes

The duct work was adjusted in the kitchen in hopes that it will solve the heat issue.

Turkey Shoots
    • Discussion of having a spring turkey shoot was held.
    • This will be tabled until January. 
·         Picture update
o   A presentation of what is being suggested of being placed on the walls was held. Items that are being discussed are the first minutes, NRA plaques, officer information, and pictures.
o   Once items are finished there will be a final presentation before placing anything on the walls.
·         Audit
o   All of the information will be brought in January for the Audit

Christmas Party
    • 33 kids
    • A picture of all children was taken with Santa. Pictures are on Facebook be sure to look
    • The total cost for the Christmas party $894.71

·         Donations for 2014:
o   Jimmy Skoczylas made a motion to donate $500 to Big Beaver Fire Department, Koppel Fire Department and Clinton Methodist Church seconded by Linda Wachter: Passed.

New Members:

Jared Weidner
John Davis
Leo Radaker