Wednesday, July 20, 2016

June's Meeting Highlights

June's Meeting Highlights

Building Committee Report:
        The gate is temporarily broke and will be standing open until fixed.

County League:
  • Camp is currently underway.
  • Hunters Ed Class July 23 9-4 at KBBSA.

Old business:
  • Cell Tower
    • The company is currently working on the borough to get the proper zoning.
  • Property
    • We closed on the property.
    • A map will be located in the club in the near future.
  • Survey of our property
    • An estimate of $12,500 was given.
    • Linda Watcher made a motion to have the property surveyed once the funds are available seconded by Jim Quinn: Passed
  • Pop Machine
    • The machine has been shipped.
    • The current Machine is cleaned out and ready to be given to Aliquippa Buck Tails. 
  • Hats and Shirts
    • They are currently being made.
  • Walt Kazenski was reimbursed $195 for trap house expenses.
  • Self-Protection for women
    • No one at the June class.
    • Next class is July 31
New Business:
  • Self-Protection for women
    • Next class will be held July 31
    • There is discussion about contacting the Beaver County Times to have it put in the paper.
  • County League Game Dinner
    • Ev Gower made at motion to form a committee and to let the officers and the committee to set a date and the amount to be spent for the game dinner Seconded by Linda Watcher: Passed
    • Please contact Shawn Cox if you would like to be on the Committee.
  • The outdoor Range will be closed on July 2: 10:00am-2:00pm
  • Weed eater
    • An estimate was taken of $467.40.
    • Ev Gower made a motion to purchase the weed eater Linda Watcher seconded: Passed
  • Key’s
    • Brian Keener made a motions to buy a box of keys seconded by Jimmy Skoczylas: Passed
New Members:

Charlie Merritt
Ryan Veiock
Rudy Kelosky
Thomas Hicks
John Douds

Ed Bennethem made a motion to accept the five new members and Jim Quinn
 seconded it: Passed.