Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Practical Shooting for Women

The indoor range is reserved on Sat. Feb. 18 from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm for Practical Shooting for Women
Any ladies who have basic handgun skills may attend.  Actual practice starts at noon.
Please bring a pistol, 100 rds. of ammo suitable for the indoor range and a holster.
Any questions please call: 724-494-6533

Club House

I would like to take the time to email everyone about what size guns you are allowed to use inside the club house.

The only rifle allowed in the club house is a .22 caliber target rifle!

Hand Guns
9MM is the maximum caliber allowed

.45 long colt and any type of .410 ammunition is not allowed
No jacketed ammunition
No Magnums

House Rules

I would like to remind everyone about the house rules! Every rule is very important but please pay close attention to the red parts! These rules are in our by-laws and are to your availability on the clubs web page.

1.    Anyone using the clubhouse or grounds when leaving must:
A.   Clean area when done
B.   Lock all doors
C.   Turn furnace down to 55
D.  Turn AC off
E.   Turn lights off
F.    Close windows
G.   Lock gate
H.   Remove refuse from property

 2.     All clubhouse activities must cease by 1am.

 3.     Any member destroying club property will be discharged from this Association.

 4.     Any member or person found using firearms on club property while intoxicated will be told to leave the grounds.  Disciplinary action to follow.

 5.     Speed not to exceed 10mph on club grounds.

 6.     Gambling is not permitted.

 7.     Only members and guests accompanied by a member are permitted on shooting ranges.  Guests are expected to join this Association after three (3) visits.

 8.     Lending of club keys is grounds for dismissal from this Association.

 9.     There are to be no Quads or dirt bikes on club grounds without the Executive Boards approval.

 10.   There is to be no shooting from the tower.

 11.   Please close gate after entering and after leaving.

 12.   No vehicles allowed anywhere but on the driveways and parking areas.

13.    There is to be no target shooting on the range directly behind the clubhouse.

14.    Indoor range, 9mm maximum, no jackets, no magnums.

15.    If an accident occurs, material or personal, please notify an officer as soon as possible.  Officer names and phone numbers are listed in the clubhouse.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ammunition regulations In club house

This was brought to my attention from the officers. We would like to inform you of this information. Please remember this is for YOUR safety!

Both the .45 long colt and any type of .410 ammunition (shotshells, buckshot, or discs) exceed the limits of the range and should not be used.   This applies to handguns (taurus judge, S&W governor, heritage revolvers) and long guns (rossi circuit judge, shotguns).
ammo information follows.......

Federal Cartridge Co. came out with the first .45/.410 handgun load a couple of years ago, and that line has expanded to four options. The first is a 2½-inch load with four 000 pellets. Buckshot shooters know that a 000 pellet measures approximately 0.357 inches and weighs 72 or 73 grains. Federal’s are copper-plated and leave the muzzle of a short revolver in a long plastic shot cup at a published velocity of 1,200 fps. That is also the velocity of a similar Federal 2½-inch load, this one loaded with 7/16 ounces of No. 4 shot. Understand that this is No. 4 shot (diameter: 0.129 inches) and not No. 4 buckshot (diameter: 0.240 inches). My meticulous wife counted 63 of these little copper-plated pellets in one shell. The third Federal load is somewhat slower (775 fps) but carries five of the 000 pellets. It is a 3-inch load for the long-cylinder version of the Taurus revolver. There is also a 3-inch load featuring nine No. 4 buckshot at 1,100 fps.

Remington recently added the .410 bore to its list of HD Ultimate Home Defense ammunition. One load uses four 000 pellets atop a short plastic wad. The other has four 00 pellets. Both are 2 1/2 inches. The maker claims muzzle velocities of 1,225 fps (000) and 1,300 fps. (00), both of which are zippy for a .410. Opening a sample shell showed lead pellets that seemed to be formed of a very hard alloy.

The designers at Winchester approached the problem of an effective load for the .410 handgun with a blank sheet of paper. Their non-traditional projectile fills the space in the shell more efficiently with cylindrical, rather than spherical, projectiles. Each is 0.400 inches in diameter and 0.240-inches thick and leaves the muzzle at 750 fps. Called “Defense Discs” by their maker, they are not true wadcutter bullets because their edges have a rather pronounced bevel. There are two varieties in the line. The 2½-inch length carries three of the Discs; the 3-inch version has four.

However, there’s a little something extra in both. On the apparent theory that more is better, Winchester added 12 BBs under the three Discs in the 2½-inch load, and in the 3-inch version there are 16 of them. A single BB shot weighs 8.8 grains and measures 0.18 inches in diameter. That means another 106 grains of payload for the 2½-inch shell, 141 grains for the 3 inch.

Please be advised and remember that safety is a major concern!

NRA Basic Pistol Course for Women

Koppel Big Beaver Sportsmen’s Association

Proudly offers


Saturday, April 21st, 2012

9:00 A.M. – 5 P.M.

Course covers basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely.  There will be actual shooting!!  This is a perfect start for those who have never owned or shot a pistol. 

COST:  $20 to cover class materials, lunch and ammunition.

·       NRA Certified instructor
·       ladies only class for a relaxed learning experience.  
·       lunch & refreshments provided
·       No gun needed – the club will provide the guns and ammo!!!  If you already have eye and ear protection, bring it, otherwise the club will provide. 

Pre-registration is required, class size is limited, first come, first serve.

Contact Kelly Newman @ 724.622.5418 or

Monday, February 6, 2012

Officers Meeting

Just a friendly reminder: The monthly officers meeting will be held on Febuary 9.