Application Information

Currently the membership is closed and will have a cap of 400. In order to get on the membership waiting list you will need to contact KBBSA’s secretary at , 724-333-8007 or come to a monthly meeting.

New Members: 
  • New members will be taken off the waiting list in the order they are received once openings are available.
  • New Members will only be accepted October, November and January.
  • In order to become a new member you will have contact KBBSA’s secretary at , 724-333-8007 or come to a monthly meeting. 
  • Each new member is required to have a sponsor.  
  • All persons applying for new membership are required to sign the club’s Range Rules
  • You will be required to set up a meeting during the officers meeting in October, November or January.  You will be required to bring your application and money. At that time you will introduce yourself and explain who your sponsor is. At the regular monthly meeting you will be voted on and receive your key. You have to be present at both meetings and your sponsor has to be present at the monthly meeting.
·         Sponsors have to be a member for a year before they are able to sponsor anyone to join. 
·          If you do not have a sponsor we ask that you contact an officer in order to proceed.  
Membership fees: First year dues are $35.00 plus a $10.00 initiation fee. Renewal fees are $35.00.

In order to get an application please contact or click here: Application